Tarot Reading

Getting a Tarot Reading

Choose the type of Tarot reading you would like to receive (see below). If you’re unsure or new to Tarot email me your questions and I can help you decide:

Other Ways to Contact Me

Tumblr messaging or fan mail, or ask (anonymously) for suggestions. 

Your Tarot Reading

All email tarot readings are sent PDF file via email. (Skype and phone tarot readings coming soon...)

Tarot Reading Prices:
  • 15 miunte Tarot reading - 25
  • 30 minute Tarot Reading - 45
  • Email Tarot Reading - 45

Customized Tarot Reading

Send an email to make a request:

Types of Tarot Card Readings:
  • Three Card Reading (Past/Present/Future)(email reading)
  • Yes/No Tarot Card Reading (email reading)
  • Six Card Life Path Tarot Reading
  • Seven Card General Tarot Reading
  • Love & Romance Tarot Reading
  • Relationship, Partnership or Business Partner Tarot Reading
  • Nine Card Life Path Tarot Reading
  • Celtic Cross Tarot Reading
(Your privacy is out top priority! Your info will not be used for third party contact, newsletters, mass email, and will not be sold. Your email is for your email Tarot reading only!)